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Hi, I’m Andrea Pflaumer, author of Shopping for the Real You.

If you’ve landed on this page it’s because you care deeply about the things we older women care about: how you look, how you feel, and the quality of your life as you move through your 50’s into your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond!

I’ve had many wonderful conversations with my readers about some of the issues discussed in my book including: Does my ideal color palette change as I get older? How do I dress this body that I have now? How do I do all that on a budget?

But you already know the big secret to look good as we age: beauty is an inside job. It’s as much about our health, our joy, and our personal connections as it is about our face, body, and wardrobe. So your questions have been: How can I find deeper meaning, joy, and connection in my life? Who are my role models? And, how can I get my mojo back?

To answer all these questions – and many more – I produced two video series. The first is called Vital Vivacious and Visible after 50. It includes 26 half-hour highly entertaining and informative interviews with experts in the fields of fashion, beauty, and style, plus leaders from the fields of health, wellness, work, retirement, and relationships. (Click on the PDF downloads at the bottom of this page to learn about each speaker including their bio, links to their websites and books, and descriptions of the subjects they cover in their interview.)

The second series is called Shopping for the Real You: Expert Edition. It includes 21 interviews of 15-20 minutes each with international guests who share very specific tips and advice about fashion, wellness, relationships, as well as how to stay healthy emotionally as we age. But more importantly, they give us insight into how they got where they are, their struggles, and how they navigated through them to achieve what they have.

Both series, Vital Vivacious and Visible after 50 and Shopping for the Real You: Expert Edition are now available as a collection for a reduced one-time-only fee of $79 (The membership fee goes back to $99 on March 31) which includes a 14-page PDF I created called Tips for Staying Fashionable, Upbeat, and Attractive After 50, 60, 70, 80 and beyond.

In addition, you will also get ALL the interviews as podcasts to listen to at your leisure or to share with your book club. Members also have access to my private Facebook page where you can ask questions, share tips and connect with other women. Plus you’ll learn about exclusive deals and special programs only offered for subscribers, including a 10% discount on my online personal fashion consulting service.

But as a special gift, if you are one of the first 25 new members you will receive a private 30-minute one-on-one Skype style consultation with me!

If you’re ready and willing to learn how to be more Vital, Vivacious and Visible after 50, 60, 70, 80, and beyond, click the “get access” button below to get access now!

I hope you join me and my wonderful guests to receive this valuable information.

Let’s all make our next decades Vital, Vivacious, and Visible!

The Makeover Guy & Oprah stylist:
Christopher Hopkins

“The one thing that anyone can do to look better as they age…sit up straight and smile.”


NY Times Best Selling author of Happy for No Reason:
Marci Shimoff

“Our culture defines happiness differently than I do…happiness is a state of peace and well-being that isn’t dependent on our circumstances.”


President, PBT Institute:
Dr. Debi Silber (formerly The Mojo Coach)

“We can either prevent life crises or we can fix them. You have choice.”

You will also receive “Tips for Staying Fashionable, Attractive and Upbeat after 50, 60, 70, and Beyond” with your purchase

Featuring speakers seen on…


More of our experts:

⭐ Andy Robin – Retired entrepreneur, author of The Tapas Life

⭐ Dorrie Jacobson – From Senior Style Bible

⭐ Dorthy Miller Shore – Business coach, editor of PrimeWoman

⭐ Dr. Carol Parker Walsh – From Evolve Your Image

⭐ Eileen Williams – The Feisty Side of Fifty

⭐ Elisabeth Dale – Award-winning author, Breast Life

⭐ George Brescia – Tony Awards red carpet style analyst

⭐ Honey Good – Lifestyle Maven for the over 60

⭐ Jeff Kapec – Memory coach and author

⭐ Jen Meneely and Pippa Williams – Too Cheap Blondes – discount shoppers

⭐ Jenn Indra – Natural skin care and makeup expert

⭐ Judy Freedman – From A Boomer’s Life After 50

⭐ Kirsten Borrink – Shoe comfort expert

⭐ Marta Wohrle – Most trusted beauty and anti-aging resource

⭐ Maryjane Fahey – From Glorious Broads

⭐ Ronna Benjamin and Felice Shapiro – Why life is Better After 50

⭐ Susan Street – From Fifty not Frumpy

⭐ Suzanne Bates – From Aging but Dangerous

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Vital, Vivacious, and Visible After 50 Guide

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This PDF gives a brief overview of each of the experts in our bonus interviews along with how to find them online. Enjoy!

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This PDF gives a brief overview of each of the experts in our Expert Edition interviews along with how to find them online. Enjoy!

Check out Andrea’s Amazon best-selling book here:

Shopping for the Real You by Andrea Pflaumer

10 Essential Steps to a Better Wardrobe for Every Woman.

Praise for Shopping for the Real You:

“My only regret is that I didn’t read this book 30 years ago. It has been such a boost to find that at times I look better at 50 than I did in my 20s.”

“This is the best book of its kind I have read. I refer back to it again and again.”

“It is relevant for any age.”